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Saturday, March 30


I guess the picture explains everything, but this is just a little inbetweeny post to let you all know I'm currently en route to South America. I'll still be catching up on emails and twitter and of course I will be blogging at every chance I get, but I might take a few days to get back to you all.

If you're thinking gee Hannah you look like you've lost some weight, you'd be right. I've been sticking to HIIT (high intensity interval training) and kettlebells in my amazing zaggora gym kit, which they kindly sent me when they heard I wanted to drop some weight before jetting off, and eating as healthy as I can & I've lost just 14lbs in 20 days. I'm going to be writing a big post about it all when I get back! 

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See you soon sunshine!

Thursday, March 28

a boys night in

We never seem to have time to enjoy with friends and family any more, when we're not at work we're asleep or have a to do list the length of our arms so we decided to pencil a night in to our hectic schedules to enjoy with friends, the lovely people at bgo sent us a poker set and enough pizza hut vouchers to feed the 5000 so it goes without saying that we had a poker night. Dan taught me how to play the summer we got together and I miraculously ended up with a hand purely consisting of aces ( which FYI is impossible as there's only 4 in a pack and a poker hand is 5 cards) and since then he's thought I'm some kind of poker goddess. Sadly I'm not, I have no talent for gambling of any kind and my poker face is terrible. However it was so nice to have a little gathering and the boys enjoyed laughing at my lack of gambling skill. We had such a good time in fact I forgot to take any pictures...oops! 

Can you play poker? Whats your poker face like? 

Tuesday, March 26


Eau de Vie in Westbourne is our favourite local restaurant by miles, in fact it's so good I've been debating if I should blog about them or not, but I'm being a good little blogger and spilling the gossip as really it's just too good to be kept a secret. Eau de Vie are self confessed foodies and liquor geeks and boy does it show, there's not a cosmo or sex on the beach or glitter bomb in sight. The produce is locally sourced and seasonal and you can tell that all the staff are passionate about where they work through their immaculate service. 

We debated what to have for ages and after some recommendation from our waiter I went for a Ruby punch; a beautiful cocktail made using ceylon arrack, loose leaf breakfast tea and ruby port. You must know how much I love my cocktails by now?Well this one is definitely going on my list of favourites. Dan went for a pint of Estrella, a gorgeously light, smooth beer which washed down his main with ease.

For dinner I went for roast parsnip and fig tart with new potatoes and leafy greens and Dan went for the 8oz Barrel steak with mushroom sauce and chunky chips. Everything was cooked to perfection, my vegetables were mouthwatering and the pastry was crisp and light. Dans steak however was out of this world, it takes a lot to get me to admire meat but it was cooked beautifully it was juicy and succulent, it melted and crumbled in the mouth and was accompanied with light, fluffy centred chunky chips. 

For pudding we shared strawberry cream profiteroles and a banoffee pie and I can't fault either. 
Honestly, it was the best meal we've had out in a long, long time- If only my writing could do them justice!

Have you been to Eau de Vie? 

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